getting back into getting back into being alone

recent answers to ok cupid questions

Would you go out with a smoker?

  • Yes

Your explanation

I am writing a western and I’ve never even seen the desert.

On a typical night, what time do you go to sleep?

  • By 1am

Your explanation

This morning at 230 or so I thought I saw a really precisely coiled cloud of smoke on the other side of my bed and apparently I started backing away and yelling and then fell out of bed and hit my elbow on the side of my bed and man that was weird huh

Do you like to dance?

  • Yes

Your explanation

Today it was so humid that I changed from jeans to shorts and then played DON’T TAKE IT PERSONAL because Monica is probably still kind of important.

Do you masturbate?

  • Yes

Your explanation

It should be stated that on the one hand, LBJ got us involved in Vietnam, and tore this country apart. On the other hand, he was personally responsible for the Civil Rights Act, the NEA, the NEH, school lunches for kids who couldn’t afford them because 1) everyone should be able to get a meal and 2) how the fuck are you going to ever learn if all you are is hungry? Have you ever been hungry? Like really and truly hungry? It’s fucked you guys. Also Medicare, Medicaid, more funding for PBS, Consumer protection services like cigarette warnings and food safety standards, about a dozen environmental protection acts. Anyway, LBJ was pretty complicated.

Do you ever date to avoid being alone?

  • No

Your explanation

One day I would really like to meet a nice girl and maybe stay in like a cabin type situation between some woods and a lake and sit in the tub and eat spaghetti together. Ideally it’d be a claw foot tub but I mean life isn’t always ideal, you know?

After a sexual encounter, would you ever tell your partner that they were “the best you’d ever had” if it was not true?

  • No.

Your explanation

The whole “I can never tell a lie” thing re: Abraham Lincoln may or may not have been greatly exaggerated but either way the dude was a great speaker and then he got shot in the head.




Last week’s poetry mixtape was so fun/cute, and was met with such whooping enthusiasm that I decided to make it a weekly treaty-treat. The thing is—I come across so much stunning & arresting work online all the time that gets covered too quickly by the general feed of THE INTERNET I want to…

tommy pico put me in a thing because tommy is a sweetheart



hey glitter goons,

we’re live! <3 <3 <3

Check out the first issue of glitterMOB wherein:

sry, Tracy Dimond can’t talk right now
Vanessa Jimenez Gabb remembers something called aol
Christina Drill tells you when it’s ok to wear underwear
Carabella Sands protects you w/ her eyelashes
David Trinidad puts the world on a pink post-it

I have poems in this and so do some other people



When she woke up she put the coffee on and after she put the coffee on she poured that coffee into an enamel mug and tipped into it some milk and as it blossomed and bloomed inside the mug she drank it right down.

After the coffee she stood for a moment staring at the sun and went out to the porch to sweep but the boards began to creak so she walked across the yard and plucked a crow from the tree and unraveled that crow like a clementine and cooked its flesh in her mouth and then ate it.

When she finished the crow she repaired to the porch and spat nails from her mouth and the nails fixed the creaky boards. After that she swept for miles.

this is from the novel if you were wondering what that maybe looked like